Back In The Water

It’s been a while but we’re finally back in the water, we received all the paperwork last week and Jeanne II officially became ours, we have also decided to keep the original name of Jeanne II as she has had this name since she was built and it seems wrong to change it.

As we now have a new home we have re-bedded three through hulls, had the skeg heel machined, changed the heads outlet seacock, rebuilt the engine raw water pump, replaced much of the running rigging, fiddled with the wiring, shocked the water tanks and antifouled amongst many other things.


We haven’t yet found out how Jeanne II handles in the marina however as when we were put in the water the battery wouldn’t turn the engine over, we had to pole ourselves into a nearby free berth and need to get a new battery, the old one was fully charged but pretty much useless so it has to go, couldn’t use our second battery to start the engine either as is wasn’t on board at the time, though it has started the engine quite happily since re-connecting it.


More wiring and rigging tomorrow, put the lazy jacks back on, go up the mast to sort the deck light and we’re about ready.

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